About me

My name is Franciszek Janowski. I live in a small town of Piaski, not far from Gostyń in the province of Wielkopolska. Dogs were my pastime companions from the time of my childhood. Over years they became my passion and invaluable assistants while going on a hunt.

Because of my passion for dogs, in 2001 I decided to become more committed to breeding and I established the Róg Wojskiego Kennel. Very soon hunting became my second passion and this is why I am particularly interested in hunting dogs.

Hunting ethics obliges hunters to search for wounded game. This particularly important task can be properly done only by the working dogs. Thanks to their excellent, inborn senses they can follow tracks and lead a hunter to wounded animals, they are able to find dead game or, in case of need, surround still alive animal.

This is the reason why I am so interested in hunting dogs. To assess properly the value of my breeding efforts I take part with my dogs in shows and competitions, as well as field trials. I also exchange experience with breeders from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I am a member of the Kennel Club in Poland a Kennel Club Instructor of Polish Hunting Association. The fact that I am a hunter doesn`t mean that the dogs from my breeding are only good for hunting. They are good for hunting but are also great family dogs, children pastime companions, as well as friends for adults.

Dear Internaut, I would like to encourage you to visit my website and read about the breeds I present here. If you ever decide to have a dog, write to me, I`ll be glad to give you my advice. A hunting dog can be a great friend for everyone, not only a hunter.