Data: 06-09-2018

AXI and GRANDE puppies are 5 weeks old.

Now they present themselves like this :)

Data: 08-08-2018

 01/08/2018 born Border Terrier puppies.

Parents are AXI & GRANDE

We have 2 boys and 5 girls :)

Data: 01-07-2018

Exhibitions June 2018.

In June 2018, the first exhibition on which we appeared was an exhibition in Kalisz. AXI Róg Wojskiego got there another BOB and completed the formalities in obtaining the title Polish Champion, her debut at the show was GRANDEUR DOXI Radekowa scoring excellent and 1st place in the intermediate class.

Another exhibition was the exhibition in Jelenia Góra, where GABI Vakuc received excellent and 1st place in open class, she fulfilled the requirements for Polish Champion, GRANDEUR DOXI Radekowa got excellent and 1st place in intermediate class.

Szczecin was another exhibition that we went to in June. GRANDEUR DOXI Radekowa received excellent grade in intermediate class, 2nd place, however, Ms. Katharina Round judge from France, she judged her superlatives.

Data: 05-06-2018

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Data: 04-06-2018

20/03/2018 Puppies Border Terrier were born. Parents are GABI  & BUBBLES . 

Two boys and three females. Here they are.

DON :)


DEX :)








Data: 15-02-2018

15.01.2018 Parson Russell Terrier puppies were born. The parents of puppies are TORA & ROCKY.

We have 3 boys and one girl :)

Data: 24-01-2018

12.11.2017 Puppies Border Terrier were born. Parents are AXI & GRANDE. Here they are :)


Data: 01-10-2017

23.09.2017 International Dog Show Wroclaw

The show was attended by AXI Róg Wojskiego and GABI Vakuc. Here are the ratings:

AXI Róg Wojskiego – intermediate class, excellent grade, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed (BOB)

GABI Vakuc – open class, excellent grade, 1st place, CAC, Res.CACIB

Data: 01-10-2017

20.08.2017 National Dog Show Legnica

At the show in Legnica, AXI and GABI re-presented themselves.

AXI Róg Wojskiego – intermediate class, excellent, place 1, Best Adult Bitch, CAC, Best of Breed (BOB)

GABI Vakuc – open class, excellent, 1st place, CAC.

Data: 01-10-2017

 19.08.2017 National Dog Show of Legnica

The exhibition featured two of our Border Terriers. Our first child was AXI, and then GABI entered the show ring, from a friendly Vakuc kennel in the Czech Republic. Here are the ratings:

AXI Róg Wojskiego – Youth class, excellent, 1st place, Junior Winner, Best Junior and Best of Breed (BOB), AXI graduated youth champion.

GABI VAKUC – Intermediate class, excellent, 1st place