Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier was bred by the Scottish minister Jack Russell mainly for hunting foxes. Appearance and usability describes him as tenacious and less demanding working terrier, particularly useful in the hunt for the fox dens.

Short-hair variety, and there is rough hair. Each of them are easy to care. Parson dog is very active, intelligent, with a cheerful disposition. Distinguished wits, courage, self-confidence. He learns quickly and willingly, the puppy is required for consistency in education since then as an adult individual can make attempts to dominate family members. However, the latter should not be too harsh and to be able to win the trust of the dog. If Parsons is the trust of his master he has always been faithful to.

Due to the vast deposits of energy requires a lot of traffic. Another interesting feature is the fact that the breed standard requires that the tail was so long that it could be for him to grab and pull out of the burrow. Tails should not be so cut. Should be simple, or slightly twisted. Also, the chest should be narrow so that the dog could fit in the hole and he could soon leave. The chest should be possible to take two hands.

This is a race in Poland rather little known. Recently, it makes more and more career agility competitions and a number of them are hunters. Parson Russell Terrier dog, which appeared in the film “The Mask”. An excellent family pet for active people, and increasingly companion hunting expeditions.