Border Terrier

This hunting dog breed is very little known in Poland, its breeding just started to develop. The first Border Terriers were brought to Poland about the year 2000 from Czech Republic.

Borders are very sociable and cheerful dogs with pleasant looks and slowly they are getting more and more popular. You can find a lot of Border Terriers in the USA, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany and in Czech Republic.

Border can be an excellent companion dog, as well as a wonderful assistant at hunting expeditions. It has got a rigid hair coat that does not require frequent care. Because of its gentle and even-tempered character I would recommend this dog to hunters who keep their dogs at home. Though it is not swashbuckling, Border can work very well as an earthdog, it is even able to deal with a wild boar. Its small size, vigilance and obedience make it a perfect companion and guard, as well as high-class “player” in obedience trials. Although Border Terrier is a small dog, it has got a great heart.

In Czech Republic and Slovakia a lot of dogs of this breed take part in earthdog competitions, winning, next to Jagdterriers, the leading positions. My breeding of Border Terriers started in January 2007 with two bitches – JUMBA and RONNIE, coming from Czech working lines. My objective is to develop the Border Terrier working line. I see in this breed big potential to be used in hunting.