Data: 20-03-2017

03.19.2017 National Dog Show Chocień branch Wloclawek

At the exhibition presented the TORA and AXI. Here are the results:

TORA Róg Wojskiego – Intermediate Class: excellent, 1, Best Bitch, CAC, BOB.

 AXI Róg Wojskiego – junior class, excellent, place 1

Data: 20-03-2017

03.05.2017 International Dog Show in Zielona Gora

At the exhibition we presented our pupil of TORA and AXI. For AXI was a debut. Here’s assessment:

TORA Róg Wojskiego- intermediate class, excellent, 3.

AXI Róg Wojskiego- junior class, excellent, place 1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, Best of Opposite Sex.

Data: 20-03-2017

02.10.2016 National Dog Show Bydgoszcz

MARLON Fleret Moravia – open class exc 1, Best Male of Breed, CAC, BOB.

At the exhibition debuted our ward TORA Róg Wojskiego.

TORA Róg Wojskiego – junior class, place 1, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB.