Data: 23-06-2014

12.06.2014 were born puppies Border Terrier

Parents are CYTRA and GRANDE, we have 3 males and 3 females.

Here are the boys 🙂


And bitches 🙂

Data: 22-06-2014

International Dog Show Leszno – 30.05.2014

The exhibition presented a YESMAN AXL of Libami and WIKI Róg Wojskiego.

WIKI won 1st place and a very good, it was her debut. AXEL of excellent won 1st place and the title of Junior Winner.


Data: 22-06-2014


24.05. 2014 presented at the exhibition in Antoninek YESMAN AXL of Libami is after our AXELEK 🙂

It was a very successful debut AXELKA in junior class got excellent, place 1 and Junior Winner and Best Junior.

On the eve of the exhibition ended 9 months.



Data: 22-06-2014

13.05.2014 were born puppies Parson Russell Terrier.

The parents are our AXI and ROCKY.

We have 6 females and 1 males.

 Here is a little dog, named MIKE 🙂 free

I suczki :

MIA 🙂 reservation

MISSI 🙂 free

MEKI 🙂 free

MELLA 🙂 free

MUFKA 🙂 free

MEJSI 🙂 free