Data: 26-09-2009

26.09.2009 International Exhibition in Wrocław

CYTRA Róg Wojskiego, youth class, excellent, 1st place, Youth Winner, Best Junior. CYTRA thereby acquired the title of Polish Youth Champion.

CHER Remital-Poland (FCI), youth class, excelent, 2nd place.

Data: 21-09-2009

19 i 20. 09. 2009 Poznań – International Competition of Earthdogs in Antoninek

In this competition took part our Border Terriers – KIM Vakuc and Jumba ze Svesedlic. On the first day KIM got a 5th place (per ten) and a diploma of first degree, after he drove away the fox in 56 seconds. Jumba took 8th place (per 10) and a diploma of first degree, after she drove away the fox in 46 seconds. On the second day KIM has been withdrawn, and Jumba after her beautiful 39 seconds work completed with the throat grip received a diploma of first degree and 3rd place.